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Kodak Oxygen Sensitive Color Chemistry Bottle Labels

The following links allow you to download scanned copies of the Kodak labels for the oxygen sensitive components of Kodak color chemistry for your use in repackaging them for long term storage. These are provided for your convenience only and in downloading them you make the statement and agree to hold me harmless and that you assume all risk for all loss or any kind of damage caused by the handling, use, disposal or release of these chemicals for any cause.

RA-4 Color Paper Developer Part A

RA-4 Paper Developer Part B

RA-4 Paper Developer Part C

Ektachrome Film Color Developer Process E-6 Part B

Note that RA-4 Part C, C-41 Part C and E-6 Part B have a very strong, unpleasant odor. When dispensing these chemicals to make small portions to use in a small tank, roller or rotary processor it is best to use a glass syringe with a long needle. This allows the chemicals to be withdrawn from the bottle with great accuracy, little disturbance to the contents, little introduction of oxygen, and very little odor. Glass syringes and long needles are available at very low cost from Ebay. These syringes are available in small and large sizes and so it is possible to use them with Parts A, B, and C and practically eliminate the possibility of spill or hand contamination during dispensing and mixing. You can also obtain glass beakers and other supplies useful for mixing photographic chemicals on Ebay.

You can find copies of the Kodak Material Safety Data Sheets for these products at the Kodak MSDS Web Site using this link:

Kodak MSDS Site

You will find the Kodak stock number necessary to access the MSDS provided on this site printed on the label.


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