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Contax IIaDo you remember the good old days or have you heard about them? Do you remember the days when if you walked into a Camera Store and suddenly saw this little sign posted in the place of highest honor how you suddenly realized you were not just in a mere camera store, but were in a real CAMERA STORE where all things were possible? You are very welcome here. I thank you for your visit and I hope the time you will spend here will be good time.

My name is Henry Scherer. As a young man I sold cameras at various camera stores in the Los Angeles area in the 1960's. That was the time when the rangefinder camera was right at the end of its time as the king of photography. So I remember well the days when the Contax was being made and sold and what people were saying about it then. I am a trained watchmaker, was a precision machinist on a Nuclear Submarine, worked as a Nuclear Engineer, ran a successful custom printing business using the Kodak Dye Transfer Process, have degrees in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering.

I have been retired for some time now and have been specializing in the restoration of the Contax Rangefinder cameras for over 12 years. I decided to specialize in the Contax rangefinder camera because I found out there were no high quality sources of repairs anywhere. My feelings were that such a unique camera deserved much better service than was available and decided to provide it. You can seach the world and the fact is there is no better service available for the Contax camera anywhere than here.

If you want me to overhaul your camera and you are in a hurry I'm sorry to have to disapoint you. I am a one person shop. There are no other workers here. Each and every lens, camera or accessory that is sent here is reubilt by me. Consequently, there is always going to be a wait time due to a backlog. Please check the section above about the Status Board if you want to know how long it's going to take to overhaul your camera.

I am sure you have many questions. This site attempts to answer them. If you want to generally know what will be done to your camera, are a person working on your own camera, or thinking about it, all the information you need is here.

Please feel free to write me to ask any questions about the Contax camera and its Zeiss lenses. I am always happy to talk Contax and Zeiss and to make a new friend. Email me, Henry Scherer.

Gold Contax IIIa


"You have done a great job in fixing the problems. The shutter seems to work flawlessly at every speed. I have not found any problems with it so far. The match of the FR and the focusing (distance) ring is absolutely perfect. When I "focus" on an object 20 meters away through the range finder, the 20 meter line of the focusing ring comes right at the black dot. The same thing happens for 10m, 6m, 4m, and so on all the way down to 0.9m. All the test pictures were taken with f2.0 and 1/1250 (on a tripod and with a shutter release cable.) . I am very happy with your work, and I can now use the camera with full confidence. Thank you!
Dear Henry,
I am so delighted with the work you've done to the camera! It arrived this morning. Thanks so very much. The shutter sounds just terrific, so much quieter that I now realize I've never heard one as it should sound. Very pleased also with the smooth focusing and the work you did on the rangefinder. It's as you said, like new. Will bring another body into work with me tomorrow and FedEx it off to you for arrival Thurs PM if that's ok. Thanks again.
Dear Henry,
When it comes to these Contax machines you are the best! Your ability to create superb cameras is second to none. Also I appreciate the factual way that you describe the camera's attributes and even , sometimes the the news that is not so good. But still you managed to improve even on the worst of them as in the case of the Contax II BD. Thanks again for servicing all my cameras and lenses. I'll let you know when I receive the camera. Best regards,


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