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A Dishonest "From Japan" Ebay Auction Explained

It is not difficult to find a good example of a completely dishonest "From Japan" Ebay auction but this one is a very good example. When one of these auctions is taken apart it's easy to see just how much very dishonest thought and planning goes into the construction of one of these traps. Here is the front page of a typical "From Japan" Auction:



A. Notice the word "MINT" is used twice in the Auction Title. This is shown to be dishonest by one of the pictures attached to this auction once the picture has been downloaded and corrected. The pictures are made to be a part of the auction description by later auction text.

B. This is the TRAP BUTTON. Once you push the "Buy It Now" button you are trapped into paying for this crooked auction and there's no easy way out. The auction is a "Buy it Now' only auction. This makes this auction to be dishonest bait for an impulse purchase.

C. Notice that Returns are allowed but that this is later clarified in a lower note that states the buyer pays all return costs.

D. A notice is provided there may be additional charges. Fedex, UPS and other shipping companies have a nasty habit of imposing a $32.00 "C customs Processing Fee" even if no customs duty is due. The buyer is usually notified of this fee by a separate letter that arrives several weeks after the item is deliverer.

E. The pictures as they are shown on the auction page are all very nice and the pictures show what appears to be a mint liens. If one looks at the fourth picture quickly everything will look fine. But when it is downloaded and dishonest manipulations are removed and the picture is restored the true condition of the lens is displayed:

Here is Picture E as it is shown on the auction page as it is shown on Ebay:

Auction 1 Picture E1A

Here's what you see when this picture is made brighter:

Auction 1 Picture E1B

You'll notice that this is a lens that has been badly beaten up. If you dig a little bit deeper and look at the screw heads you'll see this lens has been worked on in the past and I'd say at least a number of times. Here's a close up of the left most screw head:

Auction 1 Picture E1C

This is an old, beaten up, used up, taken apart, badly maintained lens that has been described dishonestly to be "MINT" but with the exception that the pictures are part of the description and that returns are paid for by the buyer. This auction is a big trap.

Here's the fine print:





C. and F. Notice the additional impossible return conditons. The item is described in dishonest picture No. 4 and so even if the word "MINT" is used a thousand times Picture No. 4 locks you into owning true piece of used up and beaten up trash,




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