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"The Ten CONTAX Lenses"

This is a rare and special book published by Zeiss concerning the ten lenses offered as accessories with the Contax I model camera. This pamphlet contains much good basic optical information as well as detailed information about the design, construction and use of all of the ten lenses that were available at the time of publication. There is also good information about some very unusual and rare accessories for the Contax I model camera. There is no publishing date anywhere within this book, but the contents clearly indicate it was published prior to the introduction of the Contax II and III models. The Contax model shown at the back of the book indicates a publishing date of around 1935.

In order to provide you with the best viewing experience with this very rare and special Zeiss Contax book each page has been scanned at high resolution. In order to lessen the download time the book has been separated into groups of five printed pages per downloadable page. Hot links to each page are available from this page.


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