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Zeiss T Optics

This is the first known postwar Zeiss announcement of the availability of coated optics for sale. There is no date on this pamphlet, but it contains references to technical publications dated in 1940 and 1941, so it must be postwar. It is also trademared "Carl Zeis Jena" with the prewar trademark. This pamplet was obviously printed before the division of Germany into East and West and the division of Carl Zeiss into Carl Zeiss and Carl Zeiss Jena DDR and before the Russians had crated and carted off the Jena optical works. Consisting of only five pages this little work provides the most precise and easy to understand explaination of the effect of lens coatings I've ever seen.

The price list is a little fuzzy because it is an onionskin carbon copy. Back in the good old days this is how multiple copies were made. It's interesting at that time that there was no official Zeiss printed price list and copies had to be made by hand on a typewriter.

Note also that the prices of the optics shown on the pricelist need some translation. At that time gold sold for $32.00 per ounce and a high level of executive salary was considered to be very fine at $32.00 per week.


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