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The Contax Camera Buying Program

I'm very sorry to have to announce that as of 3/10/07 the Camera Buying Program has been cancelled. All contracts entered into prior to this date will be continued and satisfied.

It has been necessary to cancel this program due to a number of very adverse factors which have become prevalent in the Zeiss Contax camera market over the past couple of years. These are:

  1. Ebay has recently changed its auction format so that the eBay identities of bidders are not visible. This change has opened the doors wide to all kinds of very bad things including bid shielding and shill bidding by making them impossible for a buyer to detect. In making these changes eBay is no longer a fair and honest sales point where it can be assumed the market sets the price of an item.
  2. Ebay has recently cancelled the Buyer's Protection Program and switched to PayPal buyer's protection. The Buyer's Protection Program was an extremely effective fairness and transaction promptness enforcement tool an its cancellation has had no effect other than to encourage all kinds of bad operators to enter the eBay market. Many sellers have adjusted to this change by refusing to accept PayPal payments.
  3. There has been an alarming increase in the appearance of butcheredd up goods that have been modified in an attempt to make them appear to be more extrenally attractive to increase the sales price. These camera bodies and lenses are very difficult to detect in a jpeg and are prohibitively expensive to correct.

I thank you for your understanding. In the event Ebay should decide to reverse their changes it will be possible to restart the Camera Buyer's Program.


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