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Free Shipping Kit

There are two methods you can use to package your camera equipment for shipment to me. You can use a packaging kit that I will send to you upon your request, or you can use your own packaging.

Use of the Zeisscamera Packaging Kit

It is of the utmost importance your equipment be protected from the knocks and drops the package will experience while it is in transit. Proper packaing ensures that your irreplacable equipment will not be damaged in shipping.

It has been my experience that finding and getting all of the necessary material to properly package their equipment for delivery to me is time consuming, expensive and difficult. In order to make it easy for you to ensure the safety of your equipment in transit to me I have put together a kit of materials for you to use to package your equipment for shipment to me. This kit will be sent to you by priority mail upon your request, and it will cost you nothing other than the postage you need to send and insure your camera equipment to me. Use of the kit is subject to some terms.

This shipping package will be sent to you by Fedex within a few days of your request and it should arrive at your location quickly. This special shipping package contains all of the boxes, labels, peanuts, bubble wrap, and tape that you need. The package contains all that is shown in the following picture:

The items you will receive are:

  1. A high quality 12" X12" X12" cardboard box labeled with FRAGILE stickers on all six sides. It is filled with the proper amount of packing peanuts.
  2. Inner Camera/Lens box with the correct amount of bubble wrap to package one Contax camera with its normal picture taking lens. Additional inner boxes and bubble wrap will be provided if additional equipment is to be included.

Terms of Use of the Special Shipping Kit

There is a substantial cost in time, effort and funds to assemble and ship the special packaing materials kit to you. In order to ensure these are not wasted you agree to the following terms when you request me to send you a Special Packaging Kit

  1. You will use the packaging materials that are sent to you to send your Zeiss Ikon Contax camera equipment to me for repairs/servicing within 10 days of the delivery of the kit at the address you provide.

  2. It costs you nothing to use the kit. If you use it as specified I will charge you nothing for it even though it has substantial value. Your cost to ship your camera to me, if you use this kit, is merely the cost of shipping and insurance.
  3. You will return the packaging materials kit to me, in the same condition as when you received it, within 10 days of its delivery at the address you provide if you do not intend to use it to send your Zeiss Ikon Contax camera equipment to me for repairs/servicing. If you return the kit unused you will include a payment of $10.00 (personal check or money order), to cover the cost of sending the package to you.
  4. If you do not use the kit as specified herein, or if you do not return it as specified herein, you agree that you have ordered and received labor and merchandise having a value of $95.00 and you agree to pay me the sum of $95.00 plus applicable state sales tax within 10 days of your receipt of a bill for the special packaging kit. This bill will be sent to you twenty days after you received the kit, at which time the sale of the kit to you will be considered to be final.
  5. If you use the kit to ship equipment to me and then at a later time decide to withdraw your equipment the cost will be a total charge of $125.00.

Packaging Your Camera For Shipment Using Your Materials

The Contax camera is very sensitive to shock and vibration. It is very possible for your camera to be further damaged during shipment to me if it is improperly packaged. I have a lot of experience in shipping Contax cameras and have learned the hard way what is required to minimize the possibility of damage to your camera while it is in shipment. So please follow these instructions with great care.

I realize it may cost a little money, inconvenience and time to package your camera properly. But remember that while your camera is in shipment it is in the custody of people who do not know how important it is to you and me or just how fragile it is.

  • Packing Fee: I will package your camera in accordance with these instructions to return your camera to you. It is my intent to reuse the materials you use to send the camera to me to return it to you. If the materials you use to send the camera to me are not suitable for return shipment you will be charged a $10.00 fee to cover some of my costs in obtaining and purchasing the proper shipping materials.
  • Box: Use a new thick walled box at least 12"x12"x12" in size.
  • Plastic Bag: Put the camera in a Ziploc type plastic bag to hold the camera to protect it from moisture.
  • Bubble Wrap: Use bubble wrap to cover the camera with at least three layers of bubble wrap (use more if you have more). Please do not tape the bubble wrap, use a rubber band to keep it from unrolling. Taping the bubble wrap makes it impossible for me to reuse it when I return the camera to you.
  • Inner Box: Use a smaller inner box to hold the camera equipment.
  • Packing: Use clean foam plastic packing peanuts. Fill the box about 1/2 full, then place the inner box on top of the layer of peanuts. Then cover the inner box with the remaining peanuts. Fill the box so that when the flaps are closed it is necessary to compress the penauts slightly so that the box is firm. Shake the box lightly to see if the camera can be felt to be moving. If it can, add some more peanuts.

    Do not use plastic baloons, wadded newspaper or other paper, large chunks of upholstery foam or broken up pieces of solid foam plastic to pack your camera.

  • Tape: Use high qulity pacakge sealing tape to seal the box closed using a single continuous run of tape that covers the top and bottom closures with two layers of tape. There is no need to cross tape the box. Taping the box excessively makes it impossible for it to be reused when returning the camera to you.
  • Marking: Mark the box "Fragile" on the top and bottom of the box. DO NOT MARK THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX TO INDICATE IT CONTAINS A CAMERA OR CAMERA EQUIPMENT.


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