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Contax IIa Color Dial Purchase and Charitable Donation Opportunity

This page offers you the opportunity to make a fully Tax Deductible Donation to help the poor and destitute people in Eastern Europe who have been left out and have not benefitted in the improvements coming out of the death of communism there. Your generous donation will also go to support education about the Nazi Holocaust and its victims and their families. It also offers you the opportunity to obtain a Contax camera of the highest possible quality and rarity with the sales price being fully Tax Deductible..

The Contax IIa Camera offered to you on this page is of the highest possible quality and it provides you the very valuable opportunity to make a very useful charitable donation to help the poorest of the poor in Eastern Europe. It has become my good habit to rebuild and then donate the sales proceeds of a Contax Camera to Fr. Victor Incardona every year at Christmas time. He is a Catholic Priest here in the United States and his ministry is to assist and provide material, medical, living and spiritual support to the poorest people in Eastern Europe. I have derived so much pleasure from helping Fr. Incardona in his truly excellent work this opportunity is being extended to you through the sale of a very special Contax camera.

This is Fr. Incardona conducting the first ever memorial service for the victims of the Nazi Holocaust. His other ministry is support and education about the Holocaust. He has family members who were victims of the Holocaust and so his charitable educational work to Holocaust Victims is a supremely personal matter to him. Through him you can help the poorest most destitute people in Eastern Europe and also help support education about the Holocaust and its victims in a very special way not available to you anywhere else and you can get the best Contax IIa Color Dial on the planet..



The 2014 Contax donation camera being made available to you to buy at the beginning of December 2014 is the purest and sweetest form of Contax candy on this planet. To inaugurate this page and to give you a good idea of what you can expect on this page in future years I am going to overhaul and sell this top prize of my personal collection. It is a brand new, never used, in the box, Contax IIa Color dial camera with 50mm lens. As you can see the box is in wonderful condition showing only the most minimal of shelf wear.


As the new year of 2014 progresses, from time to time, this box is going to be opened on this page. Items in it will be taken out and displayed here. You will be able to see what it contains as its contents are pictured. Finally, in early December 2014 the camera, lens and other items in the box will be rebuilt and made available for sale. The problem is this camera is so very special, so very rare and pristine the price is going to depend upon the total sum of donations received by Fr. Incardona during the coming year. The simple concept is the more he receives the lower the price will be. Also, those who make the largest donations will receive emails announcing the availability of this camera for purchase in advance with those making the largest donations receiving the first emails and thus the first opportunity to buy it. There is also a special sweetener feature for you to consider. I will reciprocate massive generosity in a massive way. I have a 35mm Biogon and many other rare Contax goodies that will fit in this box very nicely and all I need is a good excuse to include them with this camera. Help me out. I promise you; if you rock my world and Fr. Incardona's world I will rock your Contax world more. The more donations the more Contax goodies I am going to put in the box.

In order to donate to Fr. Incardona so that he can more effectively provide food, shelter, medical and dental and other urgently needed material support to suffering people in Eastern Europe you can use this very convenient PayPal button to quickly and easily make a donation. You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this button nor do you have to open a PayPal account after you click on it. After you click on it you can easily and conveniently use your credit card, PayPal account or Debit Card to make a FULLY TAX DEDUCTABLE Donation to Fr. Incardona and his supremely important ministry to the poorest people on earth.

You can give as little as $5.00. Just use the drop down menu to select and then send the donation amount you want to give to Holocaust victims and their families. If you want to make a donation larger than $100.00 please contact me using this link and I'll help you proceed.

Email to Henry Scherer for Fr. Incardona

There is only one exception to the sales process described above. If you make a donation of $25,000.00 the camera is yours as of the instant Fr. Incardona receives confirmation the funds are in his bank account.

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