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Cameras and Lenses for Sale

These cameras are available for immediate sale. If your needs are for a Contax camera that is of museum quality please inquire as it is possible to assemble a perfect camera and lens for you out of perfect parts. No camera leaves my hands until it is performing at its full potential and is completely reliable. All come with a one year guarantee that is rarely needed but is promptly and cheerfully fulfilled.

Please feel free to make an offer on any Camera, Lens or Accessory for sale. Every offer will be forwarded to the equipment owner who will consider it and make the final decision.

Currently there is one camera available for immediate sale. Please scroll down and use this link to access the description, pictures and price. Starting on 4/3/14 a very large collection of Contax Cameras, Lenses and Accessories is going to be added, hopefully one per day for weeks to come so please return to this page often.

Contax IIa Black Dial Body with 50mm f2.0 Sonnar Lens

Wonderful Contax Panflex Close Up Outfit with 115mm Tessar Lens

Zeiss-Opton Rigid Coated Postwar 50mm f3.5 Contax Tessar Lens

Super Rare Black Enamel 28mm Contax Finder

Contax Rigid Tessar 50mm f3.5 Lens

Unique Prototype Contax 35mm f2.8 Biogon Lens



Yes, I do ship to Japan, Australia, the UK and the EU by United States Post Insured Express Mail or by Fedex

米国による日本への出荷は速達を保証した。 ありがとう。


If you'd like to ask a question please use this convenient email link:

Camera, Lens or Accessory Sale Question, Offer or Information Request

If this link will not work for you my email address is Superwide@earthlink.net


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