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Lenses for Sale

This page contains all of the lenses available for immediate sale. These lenses include Zeiss, Nikon and other manufacturer's lenses for Contax cameras as well as lenses for other Zeiss cameras.

Here are some links to currently active lens sales pages:

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Carl Zeiss Jena T Coated 85mm f2.0 Sonnar Lens Ser 3209184.

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Contax Rigid Tessar 50mm f3.5 Lens

Unique Prototype Contax 35mm f2.8 Biogon Lens


Other Current Stock in Hand

Zeiss-Opton 50mm f1.5 T Sonnar Lens for Contax mount cameras. The cosmetic quality of the lens is Excellent+++ and the optical quality is MINT. Fully serviced and ready for immediate shipment.Sold.

Nikon 35 mm f2.5 WA-C Wide Angle Lens for Contax mount cameras. This is a post war model made for the IIa and IIIa model cameras although it will fit and function on the I, II, III models also. The cosmetic quality of the lens is MINT and the optical quality is MINT. This is an extremely rare lens and it is in absolutely like new condition inside and out. This is truly a museum quality example of this wonderful lens. Fully serviced and ready for immediate shipment. Comes with the original front and back Nikon caps and the original leather case. Price $1145.00

Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f2.0 Normal Lens for Contarex SLR cameras. The cosmetic quality of the lens is MINT and the optical quality is MINT. Fully serviced and ready for immediate shipment. Comes with the original front plastic cap and Zeiss plastic bubble package. Sold.

A Warning:

There is a lens separation problem that can develop suddenly with some 50mm 1.5 Sonnar lenses. This separation problem is caused by deterioration of the experimental epoxy type lens cement used to cement the center element of this lens which is made of three lenses cemented together. It has come to my attention that a cheap and easy, but temporary and ruinous method of correction of this separation has been found and is being used by uscrupulous and dishonest workers to "correct" and improve this separation.

There is an industrial oil available for use in determining the index of refraction (hardness) of clear substances such as glass, jewels and plastics. This oil is avaiable in a great range of indices of refraction. When a clear object is immersed in this oil it will effectively disappear if the index of refraction of the object is close to that of the oil.

It has been discovered that if a drop or two of this oil having the same index of refraction as the glass used in the Sonnar triplet is applied to the edge of a separated triplet, the oil will infuse into the separated section and will make the separation effectively disappear.

The problem with this solution is that it is temporary. The oil also accelerates the separation of the lens resulting in its complete ruin in the progress of time.

This method is not used here. Lenses are tested to determine if this method has been used prior to sale and such lenses are not sold.

You can see a picture of the kind of separation being "corrected" by this oil infusion process by using this link: Separated Triplet.

A note about lens image sharpness:

When it comes to pure photographic picture taking power, in my opinion, nothing can surpass a Zeiss lens. But just like everything else Zeiss lenses get old and the grease that lubricates the aperture control and focusing helical threads deteriorates and separates into its solid and liquid components. The liquid oil that separates from the grease migrates inside and outside the lens. The oil that gets inside the lens coats the lens elements and severely degrades the optical performance of the lens. Only a lens that is clean inside and out can deliver 35 mm negatives that can withstand 16" x 20" enlargement with ease as they were designed to do. There's no such thing as a 50 or more year old lens that is not full of oil or its residue. This is why I only sell overhauled lenses that are 100% clean and precision aligned to provide like new or better performance.

Another complicating factor is that I find that 90% of the lenses I see were either initially incorrectly focus adjusted at the factory when they were made, or the focus adjustment has been subsequently tampered with and the result being a significant focus misalignment. Every lens I sell has been precision aligned on the most modern precision instruments to absolutely ensure that when you use it the results will be obviously great.

If you have a Contax camera and its results are not giving you delight, write to me, there is a solution to this problem: Mail to Henry Scherer .


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