BAD Ebay Sellers Listing

Ebay has made changes to its feedback system that are highly supportive of all forms of fraud and this makes buying on Ebay to be extra ordinarily dangerous because it is almost impossible to identify a clever bad seller. Ebay has arranged things so that even the worst offenders have wonderful perfect feedback records. They have done this two ways:

1. The first change is that a seller can cancel an auction without the permission of the buyer. When this is done the buyer is not able to record feedback for that auction. Fraudulent sellers have taken advantage of this by simply canceling an auction if the attempted fraud goes wrong and this is happening a lot. This leaves the potential victim with no way to warn others about the bad seller and he is free to move on and to attempt to defraud others. This change makes Ebay a gold mine for thieves and fraudsters who spend all their time fishing for victims.

2. Ebay is secretly canceling negative feedback. You may have posted negative feedback only to check back to find it has mysteriously disappeared. This also leaves a victim buyer defenseless.

3. Ebay has created a protected class or sellers called "PowerSellers"; many of whom in my experience are dishonest and feel perfectly safe to be dishonest hiding behind this shield. . It is not possible to record negative or neutral feedback for these protected sellers until after seven days have elapsed after the sale.

Because of these changes whose only purpose can be to protect all forms of dishonesty,, and because I buy a lot of photographic equipment and other things on Ebay it seemed useful for me to post the Ebay names of those sellers who had treated me particularly badly so that you can avoid the same experience.

Sellers whose names are in black were merely unpleasant enough to compel me to take the time to list their names. Those outlined in red should be completely avoided.


1. eastbound cameras - This is one of a number of bad sellers in Japan who dump second quality camera goods that cannot be sold in Japan due to low quality into the USA market. Many of them are actually the same person acting under multiple Ebay accounts. There is a saying in Japan that explains them perfectly, "USA Excellent is Japanese well used" or to translate this the other way, "Japanese Mint in USA Ebay is Japanese well used". You also need to breware of huge duty charges imposed by DHL or Fedex shippers that can be as large as 30%. Some accept returns, but this hapepns only after you pay the non-refundable 30% import duty. Approach all Japan sellers with the most extreme care. Beware of the phrases "Nearly Mint" or "Almost Unused" as they really mean "Sucker"..

2. vico0569

3. nadineartswi

4. Seawoodphoto

5. Oe245 - This one is particularly bad. A car parts seller. Located in Latvia. Avoid. My personal opinion is that this seller is actually a Russian Criminal Gang of thieves using bait and switch tactics. They cancel their auctions quickly. I believe there is no point in wasting your time with them.


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