Ebay Sellers BAD/GOOD Experience Listing

This list is being compiled effective 6/12/16 and reflects Ebay experiences taking place on or after this date.

Please don't write to me about this list or anyone who is on it. Any such emails must be deleted without a response provided.

This is list of Ebay sellers I've transacted business with and, in my experience, deserve that you be warned about or be recommended to you.. There are two lists labeled "Good" and "Bad". These lists are a result of my personal experience and so this list is not open to input from or responsive to comment from any other person. It is possible for a seller to move from "Good" to "Bad" or from "Bad to Good". This all depends upon the seller.

The sellers are listed by their Ebay seller names. It is against the Ebay rules for me to provide any personally identifying information. It is also not possible for me to provide any details about the experience that got the seller onto this list except to say I think long and hard before putting anyone onto it. The key fault in a transaction that gets a seller onto the "BAD" list is the item did not arrive and payment had been sent. You are free to make your own assumptions about all the gory details except for me to say I certainly do not wish anything like these experiences on you. Like you, I simply expect that when an auction is completed and payment is made the next thing that will happen is an item meeting the auction description will be promptly delivered.

I mostly buy photographic equipment and so you can assume that if a seller gets onto the BAD list it was due to a photographic auction.

If you'd like to know the reasons this page is necessary just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

If a seller ID on the BAD list is in RED this means what RED always means.


First the BAD:

1. vico0569

2. nadineartswi

3. Seawoodphoto


Now the Good




Here are the reasons for this list.:

Ebay has made some changes to its feedback policy that have made it effectively useless from a buyer standpoint. Here are these changes:

1. A bad or fraudulent seller can simply erase negative feedback by cancelling the auction. In the past the permission of the buyer was needed to cancel a transaction. Now only the sellers permission is required. This gives bad or fraudulent sellers the ability to edit their feedback to obtain 100% positive feedback.

2. it is not possible to file a PayPal complaint on a transaction if the seller has not claimed the payment. Fraudulent sellers seeking only to use Ebay to steal from customers will typically have multiple email addresses. They will register with Ebay using an email address that is not registered on PayPal. This puts them into a position where the payment must be claimed by a seller who is not registered on PayPal. The technique used is for the seller to write to the buyer and to request the payment be cancelled and then sent using another email address. This effectively converts an auction payment into a personal payment leaving the victim free to be robbed without any right of complaint to either Ebay or PayPal.

3. If I buy something on Ebay and have a very nasty experience I want my friends to know about it. And if the experience is very good I want you to know about this also. In the past the Ebay feedback system served this function. Now it has been converted into something else better described by words that are too impolite to use on this site.





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