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This camera is available for immediate sale. If your needs are for a Contax camera that is of museum quality please inquire as it is possible to assemble a perfect camera and lens for you out of perfect parts. No camera leaves my hands until it is performing at its full potential and is completely reliable. All come with a one year guarantee that is rarely needed but is promptly and cheerfully fulfilled.

Please feel free to make an offer on any Camera, Lens or Accessory for sale. Every offer will be forwarded to the equipment owner who will consider it and make the final decision.

These items are currently available for immediate sale:

Wonderful Contax Panflex Close Up Outfit with 115mm Tessar Lens

Zeiss-Opton Rigid Coated Postwar 50mm f3.5 Contax Tessar Lens

Super Rare Black Enamel 28mm Contax Finder

Contax Rigid Tessar 50mm f3.5 Lens

Unique Prototype Contax 35mm f2.8 Biogon Lens


Yes, I do ship to Japan, Australia, the UK and the EU by United States Post Insured Express Mail.

米国による日本への出荷は速達を保証した。 ありがとう

Rebuilt Contax II Outfit with 50mm f1.5, 35mm f2.8 and 135mm f4.0 Lenses - Sold




This outfit has been sold but this text has been retained for historical purposes. This is a completely rebuilt Contax II Camera outfit. The camera and all three lenses are owned by a very advanced collector who has always purchased the highest quality equipment he could find. There is a lot of very experienced collecting work invested in this outfit.The camera has recently undergone a complete Zeisscamera overhaul. All of the camera mechanisms have been rebuilt, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted to original factory specifications. This work includes the shutter, rangefinder, self-timer, and viewfinder. The camera comes with three lenses. These are a 50mm f1.5 Sonnar, 35mm f2.8 Biogon wide angle and 135mm f 4.0 Sonnar telephoto lens.


This lens is in Mint condition. It has recently been completely overhauled with all lens elements being cleaned. The lens has been precision collimated to match the camera body. The lens is extremely sharp and will produce the stunning pictures it was designed to produce. .

As you can see from this picture this lens has absolutely no separation and no cleaning marks. It is a superior excellent lens in every way and it will produce remarkable pictures with the most astounding bokeh and depth of field.



This camera and lens appear to me to have been very gently used, properly stored and have suffered absolutely no abuse. The leather is like new and the chrome is beautiful. All of the paint is original and shows only the slightest use and storage marks from over 79 years of passage through time.


A top view of the camera shows the super clean condition of the metal work.


The bottom of this camera is absolutely beautiful. The chrome is so shiny it is almost impossible to take a picture of it.


The bottom of the camera is perfect demonstrating it has never been dropped.



The back of the camera is perfect and the markings on the pressure plate show that almost no film has been through this camera. It is, for all intents and purposes, a new camera.

Tenax751 .

The interior of the camera is beautiful. The camera comes with the original metal Contax film spool.


This shows the camera with the 35mm Biogon lens mounted onto it.


Here are four pictures of the Biogon as it is rotated to provide a complete picture of its condition:





Here is a picture of the camera with the 135mm f4.0 Sonnar lens mounted on it.


This is a picture of the front lens element.


Here are four rotated views of the 135mm Sonnar showing all of its exterior.






These are the terms of sale:

The price of this outfit is $3299.99. You are also welcome to send an offer. All offers will be submitted to the owner of this outfit for his decision.

Acceptable payment forms are PayPal, personal check drawn on a bank in the USA, Bank check or money order denominated in USD, wire transfer. Foreign money orders and checks require a two week wait for bank clearance. Items come with a seven day inspection period commencing at the time of delivery after which the sale is final with no refund allowed. Shipping costs for returns for a refund are at the cost of the buyer. All shipments are sent fully insured and shipments to countries where shipping insurance is not offered are at the buyer's risk of loss or damage. Customs documents are honestly prepared. All taxes or duties are the responsibility of the buyer. All deliveries in the State of California require the payment of State Sales Tax. Shipment occurs after funds are verified to be received by the bank of the camera owner. Shipment is normally by insured USPS Express mail.

Thank you.


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