Overhauled Contax Black Enamel 28mm f8.0 Wide Angle Tessar Lens

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These cameras, Lenses and Accessories are available for immediate sale. If your needs are for a Contax camera that is of museum quality please inquire as it is possible to assemble a perfect camera and lens for you out of perfect parts. No camera leaves my hands until it is performing at its full potential and is completely reliable. All come with a one year guarantee that is rarely needed but is promptly and cheerfully fulfilled.

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Zeiss Jena Contax 28 mm f8.0 Black Enamel Tessar with Both Caps

The Contax 28mm lens is not well known because it is relatively rare and when it is available it is usually dirty and it's optical performance is not great. But when overhauled as this lens has been it is a very successful super wide angle lens that is super sharp with great contrast. The angle of coverage of this lens is 105 degrees making it a super wide angle lens. When using it you have to take care your fingertips holding the camera are not included in the picture. Because it is an early lens it has a relatively small aperture and some light fall off. But with modern films the aperture is not a problem today and the fall off can be artistically very useful. Being a Tessar it is razor sharp and the negatives this lens produces can be very greatly enlarged..

This is an exceptionally rare Contax I model black paint 28mm Tessar and it comes with its original black front cap and a very well made chrome rear cap..

This lens is in exceptional exterior cosmetic condition showing only the most minimal storage marks. These marks show that this lens has not been used much. It comes with a genuine Carl Zeiss black front and a modern rear cap that are in wonderful condition. The lens surfaces are optically mint. This lens has also been completely overhauled here and comes with a one year guarantee. .

The serial number of this lens is a very early number 1632079..

This lens has had exceptionally gentle care for all of its extremely long life.


The optics are perfect mint quality.

This lens has been overhauled and completely cleaned and properly lubricated.





These are the terms of sale:

Acceptable payment forms are PayPal, personal check drawn on a bank in the USA, Bank check or money order denominated in USD, wire transfer. Foreign money orders and checks require a two week wait for bank clearance. Items come with a seven day inspection period commencing at the time of delivery after which the sale is final with no refund allowed. Shipping costs for returns for a refund are at the cost of the buyer. All shipments are sent fully insured and shipments to countries where shipping insurance is not offered are at the buyer's risk of loss or damage. Customs documents are honestly prepared. All taxes or duties are the responsibility of the buyer. All deliveries in the State of California require the payment of State Sales Tax. Shipment occurs after funds are verified to be received by the bank of the camera owner. Shipment is normally by USPS Express mail but shipment by Fedex is also available.

The price of this 28mm lens is $750.00.

28mm Tessar 1632079 Question, Offer or Information Request

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