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Services For The Contax Model I Body

These are the services available for the Contax I camera body:

Costs are not specified due to competitors using these costs to price lower value services. If you'd like to know the cost of a service please use this link to inquire. I'll be happy to answer all of your questions. All costs are provided on request (POR):

Contax 1 Price Inquiry

Contax I Services
Service Cost
1. Rangefinder CLA POR
2 .Shutter Tape Replacement POR
3. Full Camera Overhaul POR
4. Leather Bump Removal POR
5. Rangefinder Moving Mirror Resilvering POR
  1. Focusing/Range finder Cleaning, Lubrication and Adjustment: This service includes:
    1. Complete disassembly of all parts and hand/ultrasonic cleaning of all parts.
    2. Lubrication of all moving parts.
    3. Re-filling of engraving on the lens mount bezel.
    4. Precision cleaning of all optical elements.
    5. Precision adjustment of the distance scale with respect to the range finder.
  2. Shutter Tape Replacement: This service includes only replacement of the old shutter tape with new, original Zeiss specification silk shutter tape. The only guarantee for this service is tape breakage.
  3. Full Camera Overhaul: This service includes the Range finder Clean, Lubrication and Adjustment service, Leather bump removal, and the Shutter Tape Replacement Service. It includes complete camera disassembly, with all parts being hand/ultrasonically cleaned followed by complete camera lubrication. It includes cleaning and lubrication of the film advance and frame counter mechanism. It also includes cleaning and re-filling of all engraving.
  4. Leather Bump Removal: The formation of the well known "Zeiss Bump" is the result of a chemical reaction between the tanning chemicals used in the leather, and the exposed copper in the exposed brass rivet heads used to hold the back pieces togther. These bumps can be removed, but it is also necessary to cover the brass rivet tops with an insulating material to ensure the bumps will not reappear. This service removes the bumps and treats the rivet heads so that the bump removal is permanent.
  5. Rangefinder Mirror Resilvering: The rangefinder in the Contax Ia, Ib, Ic, Id and Ie models is a moving mirror design that utilizes a moving front surface mirror. Over time and due to bad storage this mirror frequently looses its silver coating or the coating becomes dark or corroded and this ruins the rangefinder secondary image. The original mirror in your Contax I can be fully restored by being resilvered as an additional service part of a complete overhaul.

It is not possible to break services down to smaller levels with the Contax I cameras. The reason for this is the extraordinarily complex construction of this camera. The Contax I camera is not modular, meaning that in order to repair one part, many parts must be removed. Contax I repairs are difficult and complicated.


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