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Services For The KIEV Cameras

I have received many questions concerning repair services for the Kiev line of Contax Type cameras. I am sorry to have to say that I no longer work on Kiev cameras. The foundation of this decision is the actions of other unscrupulous camera repair persons and their destruction of the reputation of the entire camera repair industry with regard to the Contax.

I have always had a very strict policy of never putting a single Kiev part into a Contax body or putting a Contax part into a Kiev body. But it has become very clear to me that most of the workers in this area of camera repair are putting Kiev shutters into Contax bodies and then fraudulently selling them to innocent victims, or returing them to their owners after a "CLA", as complete original Contax cameras.

I have determined that to protect my reputation for the future and to ensure the firm foundation of the trust and confidence of my friend customers it is necessary to completely elimiminate the possibility of any Kiev part finding its way into a Contax camera when it is here. This has been done by disposing of all Kiev parts and bodies here and by not accepting them here in the future for any reason whatsoever.

If you have a Contax, and you suspect it has a Kiev shutter in it, you can send it here for a very quick evaluation. It is possible to restore your Contax by the installation of a replacement original Zeiss Contax shutter.


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