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Services For The Kyocera Contax SLR, T3, G2 and Other Brand Japanese made Cameras.

Kyocera Contax SLR's, Nikon SLR's, Canon SLR's, Other Brand SLR's and Rangefinder Camera Services

I do not service or repair the Contax line of Single Lens Reflex and Rangefinder cameras made in Japan by the Kyocera Company and other makers. I am also unable to provide any advice concerning these cameras. If you have a problem with your Kyocera Contax camera or other SLR camera made by another maker you can contact this company directly through the following methods:

Nipon Photo Clinic
37 W. 39th. St., Suite 401
New York, NY

(212) 736-4663

Kyocera Contax Film SLR's and the G and T Range of Rangefinder Cameras and Canon Cameras:


The Tritec GMBH camera repair company in Germany advertises that it services these cameras. Here is their contact information::

Tritec GMBH
Kolpingstrasse 5
38159 Vechelde

Tel: 49 5302 91810

Email: info@tritec-service.de
Contact Name: Frank Peter Hoffmann

You can use this link to access the Tritec web site

Tritec Camera Repair Germany

2. The Sendean Camera Repair Co. located in London, England employs an ex-Kyocera Contax technician
who purchased an extremely large assortement of factory repair parts for all models of Kycocera made Contax cameras such as
the G, G1, G2, T series as well as all SLR models.

You can contact them through their web site using this link:


Their UK telephone numbers are: 020 7242 7733 or 020 7734 0895

Here are some more options to consider:

1. If you are unable to get a positive response from the Nipon Photo Clinic you can contact two companies in Japan. The Camera Hunter and Matuyastore.. They are fluent in English and may be able to offer camera repair services or advice as to how to obtain them in Japan.

2. If the Nippon Photo Clinic says they don't have the part your camera needs then ask the Camera Hunter, Matuyastore or Japanexposures if they can source the part for you in Japan. The part may still be available there.

3. It is possible it would be faster, easier, cheaper and a better result to consider buying a replacement camera or lens from Japan rather than having yours repaired. Used camera equipment from Japan is very high quality and avaiable usually at a reasonable cost.

You can use the convenient links provided below to contact these companies.

Please keep this in mind:

If your camera has taken a lot of pictures and needs repair it's time to estimate how many exposures its taken. In the 1980's the Fugi company conducted tests on mechanical cameras and found the typical mechanical camera was used up after 10,000 exposures. If you think your camera has a history this long then it will very likely be faster, cheaper and better to replace it with a camera sourced from Japan. The sad fact is that cameras do wear out to the point where they can no longer be put back into reliable operating condition.

You should have no concern about buying camera equipment from Japan. One day at a very large camera show a Japanese dealer friend who traveled from Japan to this show to sell cameras not salable in Japan told me "In Japan everyone knows that American Excellent means Japanese well used". The Japanese take very good care of their camera equipment and you can buy from the following sources with the confidence you will be very pleasantly surprised by what you receive.

Japan Exposures Japanese Camera Source Inquiry


The Japan Exposures company does not provide camera repair.

It can source reasonably priced high quality equipment in Japan. If you have a large equipment collection and cannot have a necessary part of it repaired, such as a camera body, it may still be possible to source a lightly used, high quality and reasonably priced replacement body from this company. This site is fluent in English, accepts PayPal and ships Internationally.

Japanexposures may also be able to source repairs for your camera.

The Camera Hunter Camera Site In Japan

Mr. Bellamy runs a camera website and is located in Japan. He advertises a buying service where he will source very high quality equipment from Japan for you. He is fluent in English, accepts credit cards and ships Internationally. He may also be able to source repairs for your camera if you specify that private company servicing is acceptable to you.

Matsuiyuastore in Tokyo

This is a camera store located in Tokyo. Unlike most Japanese companies and stores they will sell to USA customers, accept credit card payments, and ship Internationally. They are fluent in English and if you need something special and cannot find it anywhere else contact them. They are fluent in English, accept credit cards and ship Internationally.

They may be able to provide servicing for your camera from a private source in Japan.

Tocad in the USA has announced it is discontinuing the servicing of all Contax equipment effective 4/1/2015.

The problem with repairs to Contax equipment is simply that the most often needed parts have run out.
When the Kyocera Company, the Japanese maker of Contax equipment, abandoned the USA market they left a large quantity of
repair parts with ToCam who were their designated successor factory servicer for Contax equipment in the USA.
Following this the Kyrocera Co. continued providing factory service for Contax cameras in Japan. This factory service was
discontinued in 2013 Tocad has run out of parts. Repair parts may still be available with private camera repair companies in Japan.


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